Reflection: Students with Disabilities Metric Review Stations - Section 2: Evaluate


Students don't always perform in the exact same way as other students.  This is what makes them unique.  For foldables, I try to give students the benefit of the doubt and allow them to be creative as possible.  This is their helpful studying tool.  If it doesn't make sense to them, it won't help them to review for the test.  I wanted the students to provide as much information as we've discussed about each type of measurement.  These student samples show that they've attempted this, but left out what the actual measurement is measuring. For example, length is the distance from one side of an object to another. 

  Students with Disabilities: Student Foldable Samples
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Metric Review Stations

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
Lesson 13 of 13

Objective: SWBAT complete station activities to review the measurement practices learned during this unit.

Big Idea: Students need time to practice their newly learned measurement skills. Station activities provide an interesting way to do this.

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