Reflection: High Quality Task Mystery Image - Section 5: Adapting and Changing Responses- Final Assessment


In the assessment portion of the lesson, I listed this portion:
"Now, listen to this part again and see if it makes more sense, now that you have seen the pictures." I re-read it and then say, "Now, the key words and/or phrases in here were..._________."
Right there is where I am really preparing my students for moving up into first grade and on from there!  I am asking students, in this portion of the lesson, to TRULY use the illustrations to justify their responses.  Also, I am asking them to use words and phrases from the text to support their answers and/or the changes to their answers.  This is tough stuff, but my kids can do it... and they are doing it to get their brains ready for more difficult work down the road.

  How this REALLY prepares students for moving on up....
  High Quality Task: How this REALLY prepares students for moving on up....
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Mystery Image

Unit 16: Meeting Speaking and Listening Standards in Kindergarten
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT assess drawings or other visual displays to provide additional detail.

Big Idea: Let them imagine it; then push them to create it!

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