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This test went absolutely splendidly!  I was so impressed with my students' researching skills, which really shined in this exam.  I also had fun pulling together the articles and snippets that students had to read for analysis.  Thinking back to what my pre-Common Core tests looked like, the difference between those and this test are night-and-day.  I'm so glad that we're actually asking our kids to DO things on assessments now!  They learn from their tests, which wasn't the case with rote-memory activities in earlier eras of education.  I am planning on continuing to use tests like these in the future, but I will probably switch out the texts they are evaluating to match student interest and reflect our current climate.  I suggest that you do the same if you're adapting this test to your own curriculum.  Have fun with it!

  Another Skill-Based Test Success
  Performance Tasks: Another Skill-Based Test Success
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Wrapping Up Modernism & Introducing Post-Modernism

Unit 9: Is Gatsby Really so "Great"?
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Objective: SWBAT demonstrate mastery on researching skills, identify qualities of Modernism, and compile succinct, meaningful notes from the Post-Modernism historical context presented in the textbook.

Big Idea: A test that actually TEACHES students while measuring their skills? It's not a's the Common Core.

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