Reflection: Joy Capital and Lower-Case Move and Learn! - Section 1: Why This Lesson?


I think it is crucial for our students to really develop a conceptual understanding of letters and letter sounds.  When students do this, they are better able to read and write.  This foundational skill is the basis for all learning and we need to make sure students have plenty of time and practice with their letters and sounds!  I love using daily videos, exercises, etc. to reinforce letters and letter sounds because it allows students to find joy in the most important thing they are learning- the basis for new learning!

  We need to make this STICK!
  Joy: We need to make this STICK!
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Capital and Lower-Case Move and Learn!

Unit 10: Reading Foundational Skills Lessons
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: SWBAT work on recognizing and naming all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet, as well as their sounds.

Big Idea: Get Up and ENJOY learning letters and letter sounds!

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