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I was very surprised by the comments students made during this portion of the lesson. I was expecting that many students would comment on the fact that such a "pretty girl" is a scientist, especially given that they all drew men in the "engage" portion of the lesson.

However, most of the students seemed to openly accept a female scientist who resembled a beauty queen without comment or question. I am still perplexed by this. Granted, I am happy they seemed not to be fazed by a woman being interested in science, especially since teachers are so often told they need to get their girls more interested in STEM, as the numbers of girls studying science in high school and college are so low. So, I thought I would get more commentary on this, or at least a question or two regarding whether or not this video was true. How can they so openly accept a female scientist but not visualize the same scenario?  It seemed to contradictory! Maybe their opinions were already starting to change? I wonder if other teachers will get similar results? Let me know if you do!

  Class Discussion - Surprising Results!
  Student Feedback: Class Discussion - Surprising Results!
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What is a Scientist? (4 Day Discovery)

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT identify stereotypes in his/her perception of scientists, conduct research and compose an oral presentation about careers in science and how one becomes a scientist.

Big Idea: Kids usually picture scientist as a crazy-haired man wearing a lab coat and mixing test tubes of chemicals until they explode. This 3-4 day lesson will expose students to real world scientists and create interest in working in the field.

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