Reflection: High Quality Task Sentence Picture Match and Write - Section 1: Why This Lesson?


When students participate in this lesson, they are building their knowledge and skills, of course; in addition, they are also learning an important lesson.  It is hard for students to enjoy books without pictures.  But, it is important for students to realize that most books don't actually NEED pictures.  This lesson has students put together and read the sentences for meaning, then find their picture or illustration.  This is a great thing for students to notice, but it's also a fabulous teachable moment.  Students need to understand that, most of the time, the illustrations or photographs are only present to support the words!  Once students really know that, they will find the value of the words!

  The underlying message this lesson teaches
  High Quality Task: The underlying message this lesson teaches
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Sentence Picture Match and Write

Unit 10: Reading Foundational Skills Lessons
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT read sentences and match them to a picture correctly in order to write them properly.

Big Idea: If they can see it, it helps them read it! *Picture clues!

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