Reflection: Lesson Planning Subtract a Sound and Add a Sound - Section 1: Why This Lesson?


If we want students to be able to fluently decode words when reading and writing, we have to build their bank of foundational skills to support that goal!  There is a certain order of skills that students need to learn, one at a time, to be able to successfully understand things.  Before teaching students how to decode words, sound-by-sound, we need to teach them how to hear (then, later, how to see) words with single changes.  Since students can easily hear initial sounds, that is where I like to start; I move on from there.  I do initial changes, then final changes, and I usually save medial vowel changes for the end.  This is because students develop their skills that way!  When we teach lessons that support students' development, we are helping pave their road for the skills we want them to learn next!

  Why this is necessary
  Lesson Planning: Why this is necessary
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Subtract a Sound and Add a Sound

Unit 10: Reading Foundational Skills Lessons
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT hear and change onsets of spoken words.

Big Idea: Initial sound practice can be fun!

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