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With the first test around the corner, I find that many of my students are nervous not because of the Biology content, but because of the unknown details of the assessment for Unit #1.  The first test in any course is always daunting for students, so I make a special effort to support my students by explaining each step in great detail.  The students are given study guides a week ahead of time and I emphasize the need to manage their time responsibly as we inch closer to the "big day".  I offer special tutoring or support sessions at lunch the week of the first test to provide extra guidance for students who do not wish to speak up during our class time.  Students are also encouraged to visit our class website or email specific questions.  I find that students really appreciate the extra TLC as they prepare for their first exam and collection of their first packet of work.

In class, I will walk the students through organizing their first packet of work so they have no misconceptions or difficulties regarding my expectations.  The students are given a packet checklist that serves as a table of contents for their assignments.  Students go through their papers one by one and organize them in order.  I ask the students to staple their work together and if there is time remaining in class we will assess the first packet as a whole-class to demonstrate to the students the procedures that will be followed for the rest of the year.  

I have found that once students get comfortable with the procedures of the class, then they can focus all of their time and efforts on mastering the curriculum.  In my experience, the students seem to try harder once they see how much I am willing to support their success!

  TLC for the Unit 1 Test
  Shared Expectations: TLC for the Unit 1 Test
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Ready or Not Here It Comes! First Test Preparation

Unit 1: Biology Essentials - Starting Your Year Off Right!
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Objective: SWBAT review the main curricular concepts and practice the procedures of submitting their work for the unit.

Big Idea: The big day is around the corner and will you be ready? This lesson will provide a review of the test material, guidance on how to organize assignments for submission, and and introduction to assessment procedures.

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Science, Biology / Life Science, Scientific Method (Science Skills), assessment, packet organization, test preparation
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