Reflection: Gradual Release Close Reading: Determine the Similarities and Differences in a Literary Work - Section 4: Wrap-Up: With Comprehending Each Text


This lesson is all about INTERPRETING a literary text! In order for students to do this independently, they must know what skills and concepts go in "breaking apart" parts of a text. The warm-up allow students to understand words that impact the meaning of analysis. In addition, the video clip viewed in the guided practice portion of this section builds student interest in the topic of discussion, fuel efficient cars. 

Due to staying on time, students worked solely in groups with one particular article. Since the interaction of analysis was done with this article, I had to change how students completed the graphic organizer and text-dependent questions. The instructional choice of station work allowed the time for me to work with students on the graphic organizer while others worked on the questions. Then students switched stations and a full class discussion was done to compare and contrast the perspectives of both articles. I would have loved for students to have read both articles, completed the full organizer, and answer all questions on each article. However, this just wasn't the case due to wanting to get this lesson done in one class period.

If I have the chance to teach this again, I will stretch this lesson over two days to immerse students in both perspectives of each text. However, check out the talk over student work video to see the great impact that the organizer had on students completing text dependent questions on their particular passage. Before I forget, the answers to the passage are: 13. C, 14. D, 15. B, 16. C, 17. A, 18. C, 19. A, 20. A, 21. D, 22. B, 23. B, 24. D, 25. C, 26. A, and 27. B.

  Gradual Release: Comprehension Reflection
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Close Reading: Determine the Similarities and Differences in a Literary Work

Unit 8: Close Reading Strategies: Ways to Interpret & Analyze Literary Texts
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Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the perspectives of two authors to rely on claims and textual evidences to understand ideas on fuel efficient cars.

Big Idea: It's My prerogative! I say what I want to say about hybrid cars!

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