Reflection: Shared Expectations Ensuring Left-to-Right Reading Daily - Section 1: Why this Strategy?


I love having students use their stickers as reminders because it makes them more independent; however, this lesson is one that I continue to focus on even after this lesson is over and the stickers may be gone!  I love to ask students to raise their left or their right hand.  I also like to have them point in certain directions.  I even like having them get their wiggles out with this awesome left and right and directions video!  Since I want students to remember left and right, I think I need to continue to support that idea while having them make real-life connections!  By doing this, I am reminding students that I expect them to remember their left and right at all times!

  Keeping this lesson up is imperative!
  Shared Expectations: Keeping this lesson up is imperative!
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Ensuring Left-to-Right Reading Daily

Unit 10: Reading Foundational Skills Lessons
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT follow words from left to right.

Big Idea: Left to right; every time!

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