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So this class period, like many others, routinely has students that come in early or leave early for sports matches, meetings, field trips, and more.  One of my main missions as a teacher with a predetermined amount of time with my students each year is to use every single second of instructional time available.  Since every student is required to take English, our department becomes a sort of "dumping ground" for activities that must be completed by the entire Junior class (like Prom voting today, class elections, class fundraisers, ACT paperwork completion, and a million more things).  I know that not every teacher teaches and works students from bell to bell (believe me, I used to hear the whines pretty consistently when the year started off!), but after the initially rough period, my students got used to it!  I also think that they (gasp) ENJOY using all of their time in my class.  There is no downtime to waste, no time spent staring at the clock...and I often hear how the class flies by!  By modeling this perseverance in the face of all the paperwork-and-scheduling adversity, students see the value in applying the same principles to their lives!  We owe it to our students to use our time wisely and to make sure each and every one of them knows that time wasted is opportunity wasted.  Like today, some students needed reminders to get back on track, but it's all part of the learning process.

  Maintaining the Learning Environment from Bell to Bell
  Classroom Setup: Maintaining the Learning Environment from Bell to Bell
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Creating Group Soundtracks to Investigate Theme & Character

Unit 9: Is Gatsby Really so "Great"?
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Objective: SWBAT track the progression of theme & tone in The Great Gatsby using textual evidence within small groups, then match the progression with related songs and images.

Big Idea: Spice up tracking progression of themes in Gatsby with an added musical layer of synthesis and plenty of collaboration!

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