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My students have been dying to get to this part because most of them consider themselves musical experts.  It was really important that we went over the rubric and did the practice before they had time to work on their own, because they likely would have traveled way off task and not considered the complexity of the task otherwise.  Now that they've done all that work, use the buzz of excitement at getting to that "fun part" in your favor!  I love that my students are excited to show off their assignments, and I appreciate the opportunity to actually listen to them talk through their evidence with their peers and me.  My biggest job in this section is to be sure that they're sharing more than just the great songs that they've picked, however.  I also want them to have that same kind of pride and ownership about their carefully-crafted analyses which express WHY their songs are so perfect for their characters.  Routinely building times for sharing and excitement about a job well done can definitely improve classroom culture and perpetuate learning... plus it's just fun!

  Are Your Students Excited to Share their Work? You're Doing Something Right!
  Positive Reinforcement: Are Your Students Excited to Share their Work? You're Doing Something Right!
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Creating Group Soundtracks to Investigate Theme & Character

Unit 9: Is Gatsby Really so "Great"?
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Objective: SWBAT track the progression of theme & tone in The Great Gatsby using textual evidence within small groups, then match the progression with related songs and images.

Big Idea: Spice up tracking progression of themes in Gatsby with an added musical layer of synthesis and plenty of collaboration!

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