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I encourage teachers to keep a personal science journal.  This allows you to reflect on the lesson and think about ways to improve.  Reflection is always good and it does not have to take an hour to do or ten pages of writing.  It takes just minutes a day to improve your craft.  I always want to perfect what I have done.  Because our time is limited, I may want to add this lesson to my repertoire.


As an educator, my goal is to always be a reflective practitioner.  I know that I can always improve because my students response to instruction provides this information.  Teaching kindergarten does not lend itself to teaching the same lesson several times.  You can teach the same content in various ways.  However, this summer, I had an opportunity to teach all the students in the summer school program (K-6th grades) about sequence, drawing conclusions, inference, and cause and effect. Each time I taught the lessons, I learned more and found something that I could improve upon. So, the next time I taught the lesson, I improved.  I anticipated students responses as well as misunderstandings.  I had many chances to keep getting better and better.


Not having this luxury to repeat lessons over and over in grade school makes it necessary to reflective upon the lesson.  What I do is reflective upon it and then improve it while turning it into a new lesson.  My students' attention spans will not tolerate the same lesson with minor tweaks.  The lesson must be transformed however review is possible because the students enjoy revealing what they know.


  Storing Your Thoughts About Lessons
  Journaling: Storing Your Thoughts About Lessons
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Making Observations

Unit 1: What is science?
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students will make valid observations and record their findings .

Big Idea: Scientific study and research is based on observations .

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