Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Close Reading: Conquering questions about Central idea in an Informational Text - Section 5: Wrap-Up: My Comprehension is Legit!


Why is building a relationship with text some important? In order for students to build their comprehension skills, strategies must be used to organize valuable parts of a text. This particular lesson focuses on central idea and supporting details of a text. When students first read a literary genre, they are taught in younger grades to point out the main idea and supporting details of each paragraph. In comparison, students write papers with their introductory or central idea in the first sentence followed by supporting details that validate their stance in the writing. So why not teach students now how to take those elementary skills and analyze its impact on the author and theme of the work!

There are times that central ideas are not found in the beginning of the text. Additionally, there are times where a central idea is understood rather than told. Check out my reflection of Glowing Beagle lesson to see how students responded to the central ideas of this lesson. Also, see what skills students were lacking after this lesson and ways that support would be built into mini-lessons to strengthen students' weaknesses in comprehension.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Connection to Knowledge Reflection
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Close Reading: Conquering questions about Central idea in an Informational Text

Unit 8: Close Reading Strategies: Ways to Interpret & Analyze Literary Texts
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify major evidences in a text to summarize the central ideas of the Glowing Beagle.

Big Idea: Questions! Questions! Questions! Acing text-dependent questions by highlighting key concepts & eliminating incorrect answers.

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