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In my classroom a safe learning-community that allows for high level of discourse, starts by teaching trust and respect. I have found that once children feel safe to take risks and share their thinking, learning occurs at a much faster rate.  I like to use the Conscious Discipline program to build a school family.  The students learn seven skills; Composure, Encouragement, Assertiveness, Choices, Empathy, Positive Intent and Consequences.  Through this program, my students learn to see the best in others by remember to helpful not hurtful. They learn that mistakes are opportunities to learn and we have the power to teach others a better way to treat us.  Students may say, "Stop. I don't like it when you.." As my students learn how to interact in a safe way they learn that school is a safe place and it is their job to help keep everyone safe.  They begin to take ownership over their learning and take risks within their learning and social environments.  This safe learning environment allows student to feel comfortable sharing their deep thinking and ideas.

In this lesson, my students feel comfortable and safe to share their thinking and ideas, however there is little conversation. The students simply share their own ideas with recognizing the others thinking. Conversation is a skill that does need to be taught.  In the month of October my students will learn how to listen and respond to their peer’s ideas.  This skill is taught in a variety of settings: large group, small group, and one on one. This skill is best taught through the coaching model: Do it for the student (model), do it with the students (scaffold) and then send them off to give it go (independence).

  Science Discourse
  High Quality Task: Science Discourse
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Listen! Listen! Listen!

Unit 1: Unit 1: Sound Waves
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify that sound are everywhere.

Big Idea: Let's go on a listening walk and discover sound!! We will use our five senses to learn about the world around us!!

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