Reflection: Relevance Planning an Investigation - Section 2: Developing the Plan


If I had to plan a Nature Walk again, I would make sure students understood the relevance of the activity.  Yes, I did provide my students with a purpose for the nature walk however, I needed to make it more relevant to their lives.


Although I explicitly discuss nature, my students do not quite understand why nature is important. The big picture explanation as escaped them in general.  Keeping our world clean and safe is not a major priority in the majority of my students' home.  Adult conversation in their homes about environmental issues has rarely if ever occurred.  I discovered that my students need exposure to and discussion time about environmental issues without making them scared that humans are going to destroy the world because they litter.


So as time progresses, I will talk with my students about environmental issues in a way that offers them hope for the future of planet earth and hope for their futures while living on earth.

  Minor Challenges with Planning an Investigation
  Relevance: Minor Challenges with Planning an Investigation
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Planning an Investigation

Unit 1: What is science?
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: The student scientists will plan an investigations to explore their outside environment.

Big Idea: Planning is key in making discoveries about the world around you because it gives you a focus and guidelines to follow.

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