Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Close Reading: Reading in a Way That Brings the Reader and Text Together - Section 3: Scaffold Instruction to Build Comprehension


I had a BALL watching students complete the warm-up activity. To start the lesson, students had to set a goal for this close reading unit. What was so amazing about watching students design their trophies was the care they took in coloring their award. However, when it came to placing a goal underneath the image, students struggled with what to reward themselves. For the first time this year, students have been asked to give themselves an award for something undone. However, I can't wait to see how many students make their goals throughout the teaching of this unit.

I want to reflect on the instructional choices made in the independent practice and scaffold instruction sections of this lesson. Due to students using various models of annotation, I knew that some would still struggle with fully comprehending the text. Because annotating requires note-taking in the margins, identifying the central ideas of a text can bring this understanding full circle. Many of my students HATE to annotate and NEVER use the skill on a test unless mandated by a teacher. In this event, I wanted to see which form would benefit students the most while gaining 100% accuracy on text-dependent questions provided at the end of each passage. From the grades of the questions, students highly missed skills on vocabulary, compare and contrast, detail, author's purpose, and text evidence. As a result, I added the graphic organizer in after the completion of the questions to give students an organized way of chucking larger texts into smaller meanings. Since students did well with this organizer, every lesson would include the option to complete one prior to answering comprehension questions. Hopefully I see improve in the thinking students utilize to answer each question. The other missed skills on the questions will be addressed in future lessons of this unit.

  Scaffolding Comprehension Reflection
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Scaffolding Comprehension Reflection
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Close Reading: Reading in a Way That Brings the Reader and Text Together

Unit 8: Close Reading Strategies: Ways to Interpret & Analyze Literary Texts
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT annotate an informational passage to express the central ideas of a literary text.

Big Idea: Tell Me a secret in the margins: Students will annotate ways to better comprehend informational text.

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