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With the introduction of common core a few years ago, teachers in my district knew it would be hard to find resources. Textbooks weren't ready for it and neither were we. I was fortunate to work with our district ELA specialist and know some of the question stems that would help our students prepare for new tests and know what these standards were looking for. I felt like this was the hardest one to really get. I knew how to teach it and how to discuss it, but quizzes and tests were hard for me. I change every year because I feel like I get better at it each time. The kids did pretty well with this, so I'm getting closer to being happy with the assessment!

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Importance of Parts of Fiction Formative Assessment

Unit 6: A Plot To Create Better Readers...
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Objective: SWBAT determine how parts of a text contribute to the overall structure

Big Idea: Would you be happy if a part of the text was missing? Let's see if you can figure out the importance of a few parts of a text.

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English / Language Arts, plot, text structures
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