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As I showed in the video earlier, by giving this quiz I was able to catch some student misconceptions. A few of my kiddos have a hard time when multiple characters are involved in the story and I have to work with them on making sure they know which character is doing what. I want to revisit this and maybe give each character a color and then we can highlight their actions, thoughts, etc in that specific color. Also, I think they just need more time reading and thinking about what they know about the characters, so I'll build some of that into my workstations through out the rest of the unit. We'll  hit this again in the poetry and drama unit as well. 

  Student Misconceptions
  Quizzes: Student Misconceptions
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Character Analysis Formative Assessment

Unit 6: A Plot To Create Better Readers...
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT understand the characters' motivations and actions in fiction text.

Big Idea: Sometimes with characters we have to seek first to understand.

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English / Language Arts, character analysis
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