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I always have my students write across the curriculum and this lesson was successful in achieving that goal. However, I did have to go into my writing block in order to support all learners. Though we went over what to include,and I modeled how to use their notebooks to find the information we covered, my struggling readers and writers needed a lot of support. I think the best thing they walked away with was the importance of taking good notes. I used the power point to help them know what to include, however, the students that didn't write it down slowed down their peers by asking to borrow their notebooks. I find that now, those same students realized that they must be sure to copy/include all of the relevant information.

  Writing in Science helped my students realize why notes are important
  Essay Writing: Writing in Science helped my students realize why notes are important
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Mammals and Their Parents, Perfect Together

Unit 8: Vertebrate Classification
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT: Identify and interpret traits that are found in mammals by noticing differences among animals of the same species. Make a claim that traits are inherited from parents that is supported by evidence.

Big Idea: Mammals vary in how they look and function because they have different inherited traits from their parents.

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Science, Vertebrate Systems, mammals, Writing Informative Text, amphibians, reptiles, reptiles vs. amphibians, Inherited traits
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