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I know the kids were being filmed today, but trying to figure out what really happened that day was exciting for the kids. When we talked about it in social studies the kids were buzzing about what they felt happened. We decided that we wanted even more evidence, so the kids asked if we had any other information. I told them it turns out I actually had the movie from PBS and we would watch it tomorrow. They actually cheered. It was cool to see them want to solve a problem and dig right into reading to see if they could. When they knew the text was a little technical for them, they knew a video could help them. I had goosebumps. 

  Intrinsic Motivation: Excitement
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Let's Set The Stage For A Duel!

Unit 7: Accounts and Viewpoints and Bias, Oh My!
Lesson 28 of 32

Objective: SWBAT understand how firsthand and secondhand accounts can alter the viewpoints of an event.

Big Idea: Would you tell the complete truth if a friend was in trouble?

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