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While the stations continue to pop up in each lesson, I am just as surprised as students when new discoveries are made about this complex text. Even though I sometimes add or subtract things from the activities done in each station, the learning taking place is not something that I could have gotten solely from comprehension questions about the play. All in all, we will continue to interact with activities that allow students to rely on evidences from text to gather meaning.

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  Relevance: Active Reading Station Reflection
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Identifying Who Awakes in Act IV of MidSummer Night’s Dream

Unit 5: MidSummer Night's Dream
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT draw inferences on the reaction of characters who awaken in a play, determine how to actions of Oberon moves characters to make decisions about love, and explore a possible theme in relation the characters, setting, and plot of the play.

Big Idea: Is this a dream? Or am I alive in a fantasy?

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