Reflection: Discourse and Questioning An Author’s Ploy to Mock Love in Act III of MidSummer Night’s Dream - Section 3: Guided Practice: Is Irony a Form of Bad Luck?


The use of stations aid teachers in facilitating instruction through guided and independent work. In the guided practice activity, students really thought hard about how to categorize the examples of the speaker in the song. From the legend, you will notice that more examples of bad luck was found than irony. Since the song is called, Ironic, I led a brief discussion with students by asking the following question, "How can irony relate to luck?" Requiring students to use textual evidence from the song, no one agreed that irony means luck. However, I turned students' attention to the chorus of the song to gain an understanding of how the speaker sees irony (When life happens everything can go from being okay to unexpectedly blowing up in your face.)

  Ironic Reflection
  Discourse and Questioning: Ironic Reflection
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An Author’s Ploy to Mock Love in Act III of MidSummer Night’s Dream

Unit 5: MidSummer Night's Dream
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Objective: SWBAT analyze the development of love to to include its relationship to characters, setting, and the plot of Act III and cite textual evidence that supports inferences drawn from a song about irony or luck.

Big Idea: In life we have to expect the unexpected to understand the true meaning of living.

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