Reflection: Pacing Analyzing Conflicts in Act I of Mid Summer Night’s Dream - Section 3: Independent Practice: Station Work


I was pleased with every aspect of the station activities. It is true that I tend to over plan station work so all students remain active in the learning objective of the lesson. See my opinions in my Reflection of Act 1 video to further understand changes that was made with how students rotated through each station. While all stations were designed for 100% student participation, having students move through 2 of the 3 still engaged them in the learning outcome of this lesson.

  Pacing: Transition to Stations Reflection
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Analyzing Conflicts in Act I of Mid Summer Night’s Dream

Unit 5: MidSummer Night's Dream
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT explain central ideas, explore a possible theme as it relates to the characters, setting, and plot, and analyze how what a character say or do propel the action and decisions characters make throughout the rest of the play.

Big Idea: Fool Me once shame on ME! Fool Me twice shame on the Spirits!

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