Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Analyzing the Plot in an Animated Clip of MidSummer Night's Dream - Section 4: Independent Practice: Completing a Plot Diagram


I LOVED doing this activity with my students. The BEST thing about this lesson is that students are not just reviewing the events of a twisted love triangle, but using Shakespeare's words to review the elements and impact of the plot of a story. Watch my Shakespeare plot diagram video to see what FUN we had with this activity. While I used this activity as an introduction to reading, teachers can also use it as a summarizing or review activity. I would definitely do this lesson again and again!

  Student Led Inquiry: Plot Diagram Reflection
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Analyzing the Plot in an Animated Clip of MidSummer Night's Dream

Unit 5: MidSummer Night's Dream
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT express the central idea of a play and explain in a plot diagram how the action and dialogue of characters influence decisions throughout the play.

Big Idea: Marriage: Can true Love be arranged or found?

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