Reflection: Accountability How do scientists communicate their work through writing? - Section 3: Exploration


My class was so excited during the exploration that I wasn't convinced they had started checking their work with the rubric.  So, I got their attention with a call-back chant and they did a quick check-in.  After they self-assessed and realized that they had mostly not begun checking their work yet, my students really began taking a critical look at their work.  Coloring in smiley faces is a powerful tool for a first grader!  See in this video how I checked-in:

  Accountability: Check-in
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How do scientists communicate their work through writing?

Unit 1: Wiggly Scientists and Wiggly Worms
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Objective: SWBAT strengthen their Science Journal writing with guidance from the teacher and peers.

Big Idea: What do scientists do? How do they write to communicate what they observed? Today we'll practice observing, writing, and reflecting on ways to strengthen our scientific writing.

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