Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Welcome to My Museum (Part 1/3) - Section 9: Putting It All Together: How Scientific Thinking Changes


There are over a 100 different Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs). CATs are qualitative tools used by teachers to determine if students comprehend the main idea of the lesson. Students do not receive a grade for these assessment and they are anonymous. I do give my students a completion grade for finishing them thoughtfully and turning them into me at the end of the period.  

For this lesson, I ask my students to answer the following question: How does Linnaeus' ideas of classification differ from Aristotle's ideas of classification? Students must answer who, what, where, when, why, and how in their summary. It can only be one-sentence. Before leaving, they hand in their summary to me.  I read the responses and rate them 1-5. If they are correct, I consider them on-target and they get a rating of a 5.  If they are partially correct, they get a rating of a 3. Incorrect responses get a rating of 1. Before the next class period, I create a bulls-eye graphic with the students which I share with them the next time we meet. The more on-target the response, the closer to the bulls-eye.  

  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Checking for understanding
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Welcome to My Museum (Part 1/3)

Unit 1: Phylogeny and Taxonomy
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: Students will compare and contrast the thinking of Aristotle and Linnaeus in classifying organisms.

Big Idea: Today students will travel back in time to 1775 to become students of Carl Linneaus. There, he will assign them the task to remodel the museum created by his predecessor in 1700.

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