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Early in the year students needed help collaborating in small groups. One of my goals is helping students join the group conversation. I usually see students being excluded or just not choosing to participate at first. Some students may be territorial about their work and keep their paper hidden. Others may be insecure about their work. I often have to move the paper showing the work into the center of the group and remind them they may all need to lean in to see the math while they are going over it. This sets up the expectation that everyone is expected to share their ideas and listen to the ideas of others. I want them to know that everyone's contribution is important.

I noticed some students copying the expressions from their partner's chart onto their own. I remind them that they do need to copy all of their expressions, but it goes on the "team chart" and the large chart in the back of the room. Refocusing the group's attention on a single expression can get them back on track. If there is one student paper that only has a few expressions on it I will try to choose a correct expression of theirs for the group to critique first. This sets the tone that students will not be reprimanded for the work not done, but rewarded for the work they do complete.

If a team appears to have given up or they have a lot of blanks on their teach chart I suggest that they just start playing with operations (and the 4 fours) and see what numbers they come up with, they may find one of their target numbers by mistake or they may find a brand new expression for a number they have already found to put up on the chart.

  Including everyone
  Shared Expectations: Including everyone
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Four 4s Poster

Unit 1: Order of operations & Number properties
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Objective: SWBAT critique their work and the work of others while deciding which expressions use order of operations correctly to make a certain solution.

Big Idea: Students are engaging in cooperative argumentation and attend to precision while reviewing order of operation

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