Reflection: Shared Expectations Completing Gatsby's "Holocaust" & an ACT English Post-Test - Section 2: Building Knowledge


The Common Core is explicit about the text and evidence drawn from that text being the most important features.  The shift to evidence collection and evaluation is a major feature of the Common Core Standards.  Discussions about evidence will largely replace the formerly-subjective questions like "How does this make you feel?" or "In your opinion, what's going to happen next in the story?"  Now, as you can see from my discussion questions and other Common Core materials, even when we investigate student opinions, students must point back to textual evidence that LED to their feelings or GROUND their predictions.  It's a seemingly subtle shift at times, but it's a very important cognitive difference for students.  They're used to providing opinions based on their viewpoints, so until the Common Core becomes thoroughly entrenched in our school culture, we'll have to keep reminding them of the importance of articulating evidence from the text to support their own logic and evaluation.  

Want further information on the importance of text dependent questioning?  Check out the fabulous video below from McGraw Hill and Dr. Timothy Shanahan.  He explains why this is so important in a way that connected really well with my department. 

  Text Dependent Questioning: A Major Improvement with the Common Core
  Shared Expectations: Text Dependent Questioning: A Major Improvement with the Common Core
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Completing Gatsby's "Holocaust" & an ACT English Post-Test

Unit 9: Is Gatsby Really so "Great"?
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT participate in and lead a text-based discussion to evaluate Gatsby's initial relationship with Daisy & infer the sequence of George's final hours while analyzing and critiquing Fitzgerald's choices in language use and text structure.

Big Idea: Gatsby didn’t believe he’d ever have Daisy & Tom doled out Gatsby’s address to a crazed George. Think I’m lying, kiddos? Look at the text!!

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