Reflection: Gradual Release Day One: Using Textual Evidence to Analyze its Development of Voting Rights - Section 4: Looking at the fairness of Voting in a Text


What a great way to study 100 years of suffrage in just 48 hours. This is the first lesson of two where students spent majority of the class time gathering an understanding of suffrage and how it looked in its early stages. I loved the suffrage poster activity which allowed all students to respond to an image on each slide. In my classroom, I am always wanting my students to gather their own perspectives around issues prior to hearing input from peers. In this way, students can utilize prior knowledge and/or inferences to draw conclusions about men and women during this time period.

Moving the lesson from defining suffrage, to looking at various perspectives of suffrage, then analyzing a speech by Truth allows students to develop their thinking around a possible rationale for women wanting to gain equal rights as their male counterparts. Due to the time given to view and respond to posters on suffrage, students only had time to read Truth's speech silently then hear it as they went out of the door. Day Two: Voting risks from past to present: Using textual evidence to analyze its development over the course of 100 years will allow students to dive into the text, interpret its meaning, and developed opinions about Truth as a woman and author.


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  Gradual Release: Multiple Ways to Read Reflection
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Day One: Using Textual Evidence to Analyze its Development of Voting Rights

Unit 4: Risking it All
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify and evaluate evidences in text to develop a theme on women's voting rights.

Big Idea: You got to fight for Your right to Vote!

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