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Writing is an essential part of learning in any of the academic areas.  So many times children are stuck and cannot think what to write.  Teaching the children to talk to someone before or even after they write can increase the chance of them writing their thoughts down more completely.  In the videos, you will notice that some of the children completed the sentence frame and had only one more detailed sentence to support their ideas.  After having a conversation with them and asking just a few clarification questions, they were able to go back and write a more complete piece.

  Getting Your Thoughts On Paper
  Essay Writing: Getting Your Thoughts On Paper
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What Kinds of Jobs Do Scientists Do?

Unit 1: Igniting Science Inquiry
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT state a science related career, tell a fact about it and tell why they think it is interesting.

Big Idea: Does a scientist only work in a lab? Let's find out!

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