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Overall my students did well with many of the concepts on the quiz. I tell my students the overall strengths and weaknesses of the class results before I pass back any assessment for students to review. For this particular quiz, I told them that their strengths were being able to recognize the variables and the relationship between variables qualitatively. The struggles the classes had as a whole were the mathematical models. Many students just gave an equation with x and y not replaced by variables. They also did not put units on the numbers that they put in for slope and y-intercept. I think that in the future I will emphasize the importance of these steps of creating a mathematical model and give them a little more practice prior to the quiz. Since this is a recurring topic, I want students to have a good grasp of it. 

  And the results are in!
  Quizzes: And the results are in!
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Physics Family Day!

Unit 2: Constant Velocity Motion
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: Students will develop relationships with their base groups that will build a foundation for future social skill activities.

Big Idea: Students are introduced to their Physics Families.

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Science, velocity (Physics), Physical Science, cooperative learning
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