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For this lab activity I was trying to help students begin to learn how to write scientific questions. 

  • My goal was to have time to debrief the activity and talk about the questions that students came up with. 
  • Particularly I was going to steer the conversation towards the idea of scientific questions that can be studied. In NGSS Science and Engineering Practice 1: Asking Questions and Defining Problems students are expected to, "Ask questions that arise from careful observations of phenomenal to clarify or seek additional information."  
  • I feel that my students did this with their questions such as: Are the bubbles made of salt?  Why does the oil stay at the top?  Why is it creating bubbles?  How is everything divided?
  • However, I would like to have had time to discuss the idea of empirically testable questions and have students think about experiments that they could do to test these questions. 
  • I am going to try to come back to this activity in a future lesson when students think about designing experiments.

  Time to Debrief Questions
  Rigor: Time to Debrief Questions
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First Day of Class

Unit 1: Unit 1: Working as a chemist
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Objective: Students will be able to make observations and come up with questions by doing a Lava Lamp activity.

Big Idea: In order to understand the world around us it is important to make careful observations and ask meaningful questions.

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Science, Chemistry, Scientific Method (Science Skills), observations, questioning, dimensional analysis, culture
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