Reflection: Complex Tasks First Day of Class - Section 4: Explore


Within the procedures I was aiming for students to do the experiment in the test tube.  However, as students worked I noticed that all of the groups ignored the test tube and did the procedure in the graduated cylinder as can be seen in this picture

This was my first time using this activity and I realize that I need to change the procedures for next year in order to clarify.

This updated version of the lab paper shows some improvements.

  Complex Tasks: Confusion with Procedures
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First Day of Class

Unit 1: Unit 1: Working as a chemist
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Objective: Students will be able to make observations and come up with questions by doing a Lava Lamp activity.

Big Idea: In order to understand the world around us it is important to make careful observations and ask meaningful questions.

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Science, Chemistry, Scientific Method (Science Skills), observations, questioning, dimensional analysis, culture
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