Reflection: Complex Tasks You Saw What on Facebook? A lesson in Credible Sources - Section 5: Small Groups


The students really had some thinking to do with this one. I had a few kids who thought the planet article was made up and the buffalo article was real. We had a quick chat about the use of research institutions and how things should be cited in the text. We had to save the discussion for the next day since we were running out of time, but this is definitely an area where I need to provide more practice. Some articles like these will work well in my RTI tiers for next week. 

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  Complex Tasks: Big Thinking!
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You Saw What on Facebook? A lesson in Credible Sources

Unit 7: Accounts and Viewpoints and Bias, Oh My!
Lesson 25 of 32

Objective: SWBAT use critical reading skills to spot possible lies in text

Big Idea: You're in a world of fast-paced information, but before you share it or believe it, check to make sure it's true!

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