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This is always a fun way to introduce pronouns.  The students can immediately see the impact pronouns have on writing and how "funny" it sounds. 

The students quickly identified why the paragraph sounded funny and were able to tell me how it would sound better.  They tapped into their background knowledge of pronouns. 

This was a little to easy for them, but a good way to start the lesson.  I think it definitely demonstrated that they are ready to move forward.  I could have probably skipped this lesson or combined with the next day. 

  Missing the Pronoun
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Missing the Pronoun
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I need a Sub!

Unit 10: Grammar
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify and use pronouns correctly within their writing.

Big Idea: Students are able to see what the world would be like without pronouns!

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