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So, a bunch of my kids stilled struggled with this, but 20 out of 30 actually did pretty well. The question stems didn't seem to bother them since we talked about them a lot at first. The chart was hard for a handful of my kiddos, so I want to throw more of those opportunities into my lessons. #2 was also hard for them, even though we've talked a lot about the importance of historical documents. The application of the concept is still difficult for them. This was a big task though. I want to reteach in small groups and then try something like this again. I may even do a question at a time to see if that helps the kiddos that are still struggling. 

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  Data Analysis: Great data
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Opposing Viewpoint Formative

Unit 7: Accounts and Viewpoints and Bias, Oh My!
Lesson 24 of 32

Objective: SWBAT offer an opposing viewpoint on a given topic and provide details to back it up.

Big Idea: Can you seek first to understand others?

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