Reflection: Joy Exploring Text Features - Section 2: Treasure Hunt


How did my students do with the treasure hunt? For the most part they accomplished the task. I was very happy to see them so engaged and having fun as they looked for the 4 text features I asked to find. Here are some examples of how they did.




Language is very abstract and in working with English Language Learners, I work to make language as concrete as possible to help my students develop the appropriate conceptual understanding. That is the reason for the hunt and the coloring.

The richness of this activity was in the conversations I had with them during their hunt and during the discussion.

One student noticed how there were more than one page that contained captions as a text feature. This student also noticed that captions come along with photos and maps. That is a great connection. I didn't have to teach that but I created the space for that to possibly happen and that is powerful.

Another student was eager to share with me a subheading he found. I didn't ask for that, but I certainly didn't limit them to just 4 since the treasure hunt listed numerous text features. Again, this was a great moment for him.

I did my students the challenge of finding the pronunciation guide if they were finished locating the four text features. Five students found it.

In closing the lesson, a couple of students realized the article and thus all the selections have word that are highlighted in yellow. My students need this type of practice so that they are able to notice these types of features.

Overall, I was very happy with the lesson. I would it again.

  Joy: Treasure Hunt
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Exploring Text Features

Unit 21: Their Native Tongue
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify text features in an article.

Big Idea: We are going on a hunt for text features! Which ones will we find and how many of them? Join us in the fun.

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their native tongue
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