Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Describe a Plant-Brainstorming and First Draft - Section 2: Introduction


I reviewed the parts of a plant before the students began to write to assist with their brainstorming. The students understood the structure of a plant: roots, stem, leaves, and flowers.  However, some of my struggling students had problems describing how a plant functions.  When I asked one student about the stem, the student responded that it helps it grow. Then I asked: How does it help it grows? I had the student to think about our Celery Experiment.  The student made a connection with the experiment by responding that stems help hold up the plant and water travels up the stems. Also, I had a student respond that roots get the soil. Then I asked the student: How can the roots get the soil? Is the soil traveling up the roots? An advanced student stated that the roots provided a plant with minerals and water. This lesson is beneficial to the students because they can apply what they learn through writing while being engaged in the writing process.

  Reviewing the Parts of a Plant
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Reviewing the Parts of a Plant
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Describe a Plant-Brainstorming and First Draft

Unit 5: Plants
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT brainstorm and write an expository first draft about the parts of a plant.

Big Idea: Getting ready to brainstorm about the parts of a plant!!

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