Reflection: Lesson Planning Do Leaves Turn Color All At Once? Part I - Section 4: Gathering the Data


One of the reasons for creating this lesson was to get students interested in observation in science. I know that being outside is something that they find so exciting. I felt that if we had a reason to observe outside, I could encourages student engagement, curiosity, and a desire to understand the world through scientific exploration.

When we were outside students found a tree, looked at it, and then looked on the ground for leaves from their trees. They took the time to look closely at the leaves to see if they were all green or if some had already turned colors. They came running back to me with their leaves, telling me about their trees and the colors they observed. Students noticed holes in the leaves, that none of their leaves had changed yet, that the leaves on the ground were the same shape as the ones on the trees but all brown, or that there were bugs on the leaves. 

Students were still engaged when we returned inside to log in our data. They talked about what they had seen in books and wanted to look in books again to figure out what kind of leaf they had found. The lesson did encourage student engagement, curiosity and a desire to understand more about their world.

  Encouraging Student Interest
  Lesson Planning: Encouraging Student Interest
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Do Leaves Turn Color All At Once? Part I

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: Students will collect data and observe how leaves change color slowly

Big Idea: Students will collect and analyze data to answer a question

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Science, Science Skills, Scientific Method (Science Skills), pattern, investigation, observation
  70 minutes
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