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By having students use this strategy, I can easily scan the room from anywhere and conduct an informal assessment as to who is understanding the distinction between evidence and inference, and who may need more support. If students in a group are all touching their nose, I can tell the speaker is correctly understanding the distinction. If there is a debate or a group discussion, then I know the speaker needs additional support. I can then address the group and provide clarification as needed. 

  Why a finger on the nose?
  Checks for Understanding: Why a finger on the nose?
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Scientists Infer

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT differentiate between evidence and inference, understand that evidence is drawn from observations and data collection made during scientific research, and construct inferences based on observations and data as their evidence.

Big Idea: Scientists make inferences based on evidence that is collected throughout the scientific process. Inferences and evidence are two very different things, but are both essential to the scientific process.

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Science, Nature of Science
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