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The attached reflection form is worded two ways.  One starts out as "The important thing about ______ is that it's..."  The other is written as One starts out as "The important thing about ______ is that they're..." This is done to provide students with a grammatically correct version of the story based on how they use the terminology.

I love to connect literacy to science with every chance I get. While math is often easier to integrate, but teachers have a harder time of integrating literacy, particularly fiction. I find that reading short picture books with an identifiable pattern and repeating that pattern through reflection is not only a useful assessment tool for specific content, but can also provide an informal literacy assessment and can help to bridge the gap between individual subject areas to provide a more rounded and authentic learning experience for students.

  The Important Book
  Writing Across the Disciplines: The Important Book
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Scientists Infer

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT differentiate between evidence and inference, understand that evidence is drawn from observations and data collection made during scientific research, and construct inferences based on observations and data as their evidence.

Big Idea: Scientists make inferences based on evidence that is collected throughout the scientific process. Inferences and evidence are two very different things, but are both essential to the scientific process.

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Science, Nature of Science
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