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Though we discussed vertebrates and invertebrates, we looked at pictures, and read informational text, nothing helped my students understand how the backbone works more than actually creating a model. Using/creating a model was a powerful strategy to use with my diverse learners. Not until they were able to compare their craft stick model to the pipe cleaner model did they actually understand just how versatile and important the backbone is to an animal. I've done this lesson before without the model, and the depth of understanding just isn't the same. It takes a little longer but it is definitely worth it!

  Creating a model takes understanding to the next level
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Creating a model takes understanding to the next level
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Vertebrate vs. Invertebrate

Unit 2: Vertebrates and Invertebrates
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Objective: SWBAT classify animals based on two properties; vertebrate and invertebrate. Create a model of a backbone.

Big Idea: With over 8 million known species of animals on Earth and growing, scientists must start by classifying them as vertebrate or invertebrate. Students must learn to differentiate between the two in order to dig deeper into the animal kingdom.

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