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The students are always the center of my lessons--I know as I am making my plans for the week that if the kids won't love it, it's not worth teaching. I worried a little about All About the Number for teen numbers back before we tackled 11 so long ago, knowing that this activity would be spiraled through the next many, many weeks. Looking back, I'm so grateful that we made it part of our weekly teen practice. As the kids were my teachers today, sure I was silly at times, but what was so striking about our practice was how well the kiddos know teen numbers! They truly understand grouping 10 and then adding extra ones--they know a double 10-frame and number lines so well (MP.5). As must as kids were making errors saying "40" for "14" a few weeks back--or that awesome, oh so common counting error, "11, 12, 14, 14" that so many kiddos do--nobody is saying "90" instead of "19" just a few weeks later. Was I super diligent about listening for speaking errors with teen numbers? Yes. Were there times when I seemed so picky (MP.6) that I almost annoyed myself? I hate to admit it but... yeah. But--in the end--the diligence, the persistence, and the structure all pays off. These little teen number experts are so solid in their knowledge and so darned joyful! I can't wait until the first grade teachers get to work with these little guys! They are so, so ready!!!

  The end of a teen number era...
  Joy: The end of a teen number era...
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Nifty Nineteen

Unit 14: Tricky Teen Numbers
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 19.

Big Idea: It's all-request day to finish up our teen numbers, so the activities selected for 19 practice are truly the students' favorites.

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