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Honestly, I really hate whole group instruction. I’d much rather pull a small group of students to introduce a concept and assess for mastery than teach a group of 26 where maybe half will stick with me the entire time and get what I’m trying to give! But, I know that sometimes it’s necessary and must be done. This is one reason why I love Scholastic News.  They do a great job of making the news interesting to kids and providing excellent supports for learning. Their redesigned website has a multitude of resources for teachers and videos for kids. If nothing else, these are worth the subscription price alone! If you’re not using the magazine in your classroom, I highly recommend checking it out!

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Skill Practice with Robots Day One

Unit 8: Skill and Strategy Practice with Non-fiction Texts
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT determine the main idea and three supporting details for two non-fiction passages on robots and then decide how the articles are similar and how they are different.

Big Idea: In CCSS assessments, students must be able to read a passage and answer layered questions that represent multiple skills. These lessons help prepare students to look at an article through more than one lens.

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