Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Thinking Inside the Box (Exploring the Internal Anatomy of the Brain)! - Section 5: Extend


             In order to access the distinct white and grey matter regions, students should make either a horizontal cut to sever a fraction of the the frontal lobe or make a longitudinal cut along one hemisphere. Additionally, and to personalize this experience more, you can have students produce a diagram of their cross sections and label them (structure and function) as opposed to labeling the the diagram directly. It connected the content of the video, the model and physical verbiage for students very well. The students seem to like it, as well as it kept them engaged with their sheep brains. 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Illustration Matters!
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Thinking Inside the Box (Exploring the Internal Anatomy of the Brain)!

Unit 3: Brain Anatomy and Function
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to interpret and analyze data in order to identify the major parts of the brain and explain their functions.

Big Idea: Although great in complexity the brain's highly condensed size aids in its ability to control all functions of the body.

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