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Because of my schedule I chose to have students perform this lab on a short (non-block) day. 

This gave students about 4 minutes per station when they were doing their rotations and gave virtually not time to debrief the lab.  I found that some groups had an easy time finishing a station in four minutes, but others had difficulty with this.  Most groups were able to gather data and finish the experiment, but did not have enough time to write the claim and evidence as they were at the station.  For my honors classes most students were able to complete this at home on their own, but especially with my general chemistry classes it would have been nice for them to have had more time to talk with their groups about their claims and evidence. 

Next year I will definitely do the lab on a block schedule day so students have more time at each station to talk with their groups.  Also, this will give me more time to check in with each group at the stations to ensure that they are coming up with good claims concerning Ionic and Covalent compounds.

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Bonding Inquiry

Unit 3: Unit 3: Bonding & Periodic Table Trends
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Objective: Students will be able to differentiate between ionic and covalent compounds by performing eight different tests.

Big Idea: Ionic and covalent compounds have different chemical and physcial properties.

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