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It’s a little sad that there have to be “rules” with this, but I found some students abusing the activity that first year and made a few guidelines to get them back on track.

First, you can’t write about yourself. The point is to look for ways others are doing well, not to promote yourself.

Second, you can’t write about the same person more than once. I had some students who wrote about their best friends every day and most of what they wrote was made up! I challenged students to write about people they aren’t best friends with or don’t know well.

Last, you must be specific. I had some kids who didn’t want to complete their station work so they would go to the board and fill out countless slips with, “______ is nice” or “______ is quiet.” I don’t want a board full of empty “compliments,” so students must be specific. Instead, I want students to write how ___ is nice: “Johnny helped Melissa pick up her books when she dropped them on the floor. Then he helped her carry her stuff to class.” That is news worth reporting and positive behavior that will hopefully be repeated once announced to the class!

  Adjustments to Practice: Rules
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We Have Positive News

Unit 1: Tips, Tricks, and Tools
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Objective: SWBAT report when they see others doing something positive.

Big Idea: Ever get tired of tattling? Ever tire of telling students what not to do? Want to find a way to recognize the positive things that happen in your classroom? Well, here's a quick and easy way to improve the climate of your room that students will love!

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English / Language Arts, positive news, Praise
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