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I used the sports pictures to promote student engagement in the new task. I have many students who are interested and/or participate in sports and I know using pictures like these will get their attention, as it provides relevance based on student interests .

In addition, comparing the marathon runner to the football team is a great way to illustrate the ides of collaboration later in the lesson. While marathon runners run in a group, they are not collaborating with any other athletes to meet their goals. While they may have the same goal, it is an individual goal and they are working alone to meet it. Football players, on the other hand, need to collaborate with their teammates in order to score goals and win the game. They have a shared goal and they work together to meet it.

In the beginning of the lesson, students will usually find more superficial similarities and differences between the two athletes. For example, they may state that football players have pads, while runners don't. They may observe that both are athletes, both run, both play sports, etc. But as we work through the lesson, it is my goal for them to realize how these pictures relate to collaboration.  When we return to the Venn diagram later, we will discuss how these pictures relate to the learning topic, and the students will understand that one athlete relies on collaboration, while the other doesn't. If they are able to explain this at the end of the lesson, then I know my objectives have been met.

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  Real World Applications: Venn Diagram / Sports Pictures
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Scientists Collaborate

Unit 1: What Do Scientists Do?
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Objective: SWBAT identify and create examples and non-examples of collaboration, and effectively collaborate with their peers to complete a shared task.

Big Idea: Scientists must work together and share ideas in order to construct knowledge and develop deeper understanding. There are certain guidelines all scientists must adhere to in order to collaborate peacefully and productively.

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