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Starting with the basics of using a metric ruler may seem elementary (literally), but it's extremely important to students with learning retention issues.  Some of my students have difficulties processing and retaining information.  For some reason, measuring skills seem to be a topic that never really sticks with them.  For this reason, I spend quite a bit of time reminding them how to use a ruler and why we use one in the first place.  Often students know the ruler is used for measuring but they lack the vocabulary for what it measures.  They don't always knew the exact placement of the object to the ruler (starting at the 0 instead of the 1).  This lesson serves as a reminder for some who have learned it prior and as new information for some who have not had formal education or have gaps within their learning. 

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Measuring Length

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
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Objective: SWBAT measure length of various objects using a metric ruler and a meter stick.

Big Idea: This is the second lesson in the metric lessons. This gives students a chance to learn and practice using the tools used for measuring in science class.

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